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Chart Installations

Below are the appropriate tech notes for Installing Charts.

Euronav charting systems support multiple chart types. These include Livecharts (vector),  S57 (ECS/ECDIS vector ) ARCS (raster) and BSB (raster), Navionics (Gold/Platinium)
The product you have purchased may be configured to use one or more of the above charting systems. If  your current version does not support a chart type you can usually upgrade to a version that does.

When installing Livecharts always make suure seaPro is closed, otherwise the new charts wil lnot be seen untill you re-start seaPro

TN015    I have some unlock codes but Iím not sure what I should do with them?

TN016    I have an ďemsĒ file, but I donít know what I am supposed to do with it! Note: EMS files are no longer used

TN013   After adding new ARCS (skipper) charts my old ARCS charts are no longer available

TN047 'Side by Side' - When trying to run seaPro or install charts the Operating system gives a 'Side by Side' error or similar


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